Name Puzzles have been a mainstay of our company since 1978. A visit to a large craft show whet our appetite to do something different. A gentleman and his wife were cutting names and other items from blocks of plywood, staining them and selling a few. We said,"We can do that".

New Fangled Old Fashioned Toys was the name we gave our company at the beginning and our store front became known as that also. Christmas season was great but we simply could not manufacture and sell everything we needed to make the store profitable. We closed it after about 7 or 8 months and sold product from our shop.

The Name Puzzles were cut on band saws from veneered Medium Density Fibre Board with the letters natural and the base for the letters being stained a brown color. We tried very hard to sell the puzzles and finally managed to sell them to a catalog owned by Roger Horchow. The puzzles sold several hundred and we were in "Hog Heaven".

We were asked by Neiman-Marcus to make the puzzles with primary colors on the letters. We devised a method to do that although terribly slow. Name puzzles, name stools, alphabet puzzzles, name and birth date puzzles, name hang-ups, baseball and bat hang-ups with names engraved into the wood, a farm scene cut into a stool top as a puzzle, we even made a stool specifically for the Boston Museum.

Catalog companies such as, Pot-Pour-Ri, Paragon Gifts, J.C.Penney, Sears, Neiman-Marcus, Horchow, Just-For-Kids, Troll, Current, Bear Creek, are only a few of the folks we have sold over a million Name Puzzles since that first Christmas.

We are the largest manufacturer of Name Puzzles in the world and have moved from cutting them by hand on a band saw to useing a CNC/Computer Controlled Router.

The experience of all these years makes it possible for us to manufacture the finest product available at the lowest cost to you, our customers. You may buy our products directly from us or through several mail order catalogs.